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Welcome to HOPE!

You’re tired of pretending everything is fine. You feel like you can’t move forward because of things that have happened in the past., and you are fearful of the future. There’s so much in your head that you don’t even know where to start to find peace. You’re not even sure what you want except that it is not what you have right now.

 All you know is that you need a safe, confidential space to share your story with someone who listens and understands without judgment. You've lost sight of who you are deep down and need to find your inner spark again.  I can help.

You can feel lighter and have hope. You can feel confident in making plans for the future, discovering inner strength and confidence you had forgotten. My clients describe me as safe, healing, and practical in my approach. I offer you support, a solid plan, and I can hold hope for you until you can hold it for yourself. Let's work together!. 

As a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist certified by The Grief Recovery Institute, my training and focus is on helping people deal with grief and loss, past abuse issues, and moving into new life stages.

As a Life Transition Coach, I help people who want make changes in their lives understand their inner calling and create the plans for their next chapter that will use their innate skills and create greater satisfaction in their lives. 

I hold a Master of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. I have spent many years as a leader in the corporate world before following my heart for working with people to help them live their best life. Additionally, I am a trained facilitator for the Prepare/Enrich premarital and marital relationship inventory program.

I look forward to getting to know you and being a source of encouragement in your life!

Peace and HOPE!



Want to get a taste of what transition coaching can do for you?  Order my Self-Discovery Journal by clicking on the button below.  It contains powerful questions designed to help you uncover your gifts, skills, and passions. 

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***Most recent interview regarding moving forward and clearing the decks!***

Welcome to this episode of Carmen's Coaching Corner. In this episode I have a woman who has a wealth and fountain of wisdom! My lovely friend, Gina Pollard. We touch on quite a few different topics, including; grief, trauma, abuse and going through life transitions.



Gina provided a safe and objective, yet nurturing environment to help me deal with a traumatic family death. I am thankful I had a friend refer me to her. She helped me find a direction at a chaotic spiraling time of my life. Sometimes we find ourselves without an oar and she allowed me to find mine.
— SW
Gina has been a key part of my emotional health. She is comforting, but straight forward. Gina pushes her clients to stretch their boundaries and become more at peace with whatever is going on in their lives.
— LF
There is something about being in a conversation with Gina that is so liberating. She is powerfully aware of your truest spaces, fully engaged in your pursuit of healing and tirelessly faithful to offer the right words at the right time. She shows up for the people who have been left behind, battered and left helpless. She is an advocate for the tired in heart and for the abandoned.
— SM
... she provided a compassionate ear but did not merely provide solace. She had a vision of health for my family, toward which she gently encouraged us—at a time when we had little hope of surviving what had happened. She did this in a way that provided dignity and good boundaries. I cannot compliment her services more highly.
— KF
Gina has a way of making you feel safe that immediately lets the healing process begin. The way Gina vulnerably chose to let me into her own loss history gave me the freedom to go deep in my looking at my losses.

Every time I meet with Gina I feel strengthened to live in a more authentic way.
— JE
I have known Gina for a number of years. She is one of the most compassionate people on this planet. She is filled with grace and kindness. She also has a wicked sense of humor.
— RF


God, why do I storm heaven for answers that are already in my heart? Every grace I need has already been given me. Oh, lead me to the Beyond within.
— Macrina Wieherkehr

At one time or another, we all can use some help gaining perspective, developing a plan for what to do next,  and moving forward. Care and Coaching is designed to help you be your very best - the person you were created to be.

In private, confidential sessions, done over the phone, in person, or online, we can work together to help you navigate:

 * Grief and trauma recovery
* Personal or professional goal setting
  * Getting "unstuck" in your life
   * Life stage transitions




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“Most unhappy people need to learn just one lesson: how to see themselves through the lens of genuine compassion and treat themselves accordingly.” —Martha Beck

Is this you?

  • You use words like “crazy,” “stupid,” or “weird,” to describe yourself

  • You worry a lot about what other people think of you

  • You have a difficult time rebounding from mistakes and they haunt you for a long time

  • You have a difficult time accepting compliments

  • You’re stuck because of things that happened to you in the past and can’t seem to move forward

If you answered YES to any of statements on this list,  then you don’t want to miss this online group

... As Yourself: Soulful Self-Compassion.

“self-compassion involves wanting health and well-being for oneself and leads to proactive behavior to better one’s situation, rather than passivity. And self-compassion doesn’t mean that I think my problems are more important than yours, it just means I think that my problems are also important and worthy of being attended to.”  ― Kristin Neff, PhD

In eight weekly 90-minute meetings sessions you’ll:

  • learn the difference between self-esteem and self-compassion, 

  • learn skills to help you be kinder to yourself, 

  • learn mindfulness practices to help you regulate strong emotions, 

  • develop the strength to change self-sabotaging habits

  • find resilience when difficulties arise

  • allow yourself to enjoy good times without waiting for the other shoe to drop

BONUS:  When you register for this group, you will also get a 1-hour personal consultation with to help you get clear on what you need most in your self-compassion practice.

This group is limited to 10 participants. So register early, to be sure you get to take advantage of this healing opportunity.

Let’s Chat!

It’s ALWAYS time to heal, change, and grow!